Hugo Valdivia (CEO)

Hugo was born and raised in Peru. In early 2000’s he got his Diploma in Industrial Engineering, starting off his career in the Logistics industry, where he worked on storage and distribution matters.

In January 2012, Hugo moved to The Netherlands to pursue his MBA degree at Erasmus University, graduating in March 2013. Immediately after, Hugo changed career to Corporate Finance, where he specialized on Financial and Business Controlling during his tenures at technology and FMCG companies, including names like TomTom and The KraftHeinz Company.

By mid-2018 his entrepreneurship journey started by founding Qullqi, an e-shop for women’s fashion accessories handcrafted in Peru. In addition, Hugo acted as interim Finance Manager for local companies in The Netherlands. During one assignment he moved to do home-office due to Covid-19 outbreak. In this new set-up, he found himself struggling to meet his deadlines due to increasing distractions from his mobile. Looking for a solution to allow him filter out only those relevant notifications, he learned that other professionals were dealing with a similar problem and there was no such a simple product in the market. This was the beginning of Silentus. Since then, Hugo’s been working on market and customer research and also setting up a team to grow the business and develop a great product.

In February 2022, Hugo graduated from INSEAD Executive Master in Finance studies. During his free time he enjoys reading, primarily books around the topics of business, philosophy, and personal development; going to the gym; and watching football in local sports bars. He’s currently based in Amsterdam.

Maimoona Shafeeq (CTO)

Maimoona was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. She got her bachelor’s degree from the NED University of Engineering and Technology in 2010, and stepped into professional life right after graduation. Started off working as a Developer on different applications and websites, and later switched functional roles to becoming a Business Analyst.

During her career, she’s got to experience first, different ways of working, teams, and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies, and later moved into managerial roles, leading diverse teams. Moreover, working for different multinational companies (Metapack-Auctane and Abol-Stamps) and on different domains helped her gain a solid expertise related to not just technical aspects of the projects and products, but also the teams and everything that goes into management of people, stakeholders, and delivery of projects. In the first months of 2022, she was introduced to Silentus by Hugo during his search for a technical co-founder, only for her to officially become a part of team Silentus.

Maimoona likes challenges and loves to bring order to chaos while finding the path from ambiguity to clarity. She also loves to play badminton and other sports; meanwhile, gardening, listening to music and watching Netflix is what she does to unwind if there is no possibility to travel. To keep sharp, she likes to read articles and listen to podcasts; she is a Duolingo enthusiast working hard to keep her streak.